She is the latest addition to our massage team. She’ll be bringing some timeless techniques to our facility, including some rooted in ancient Chinese medicine.
What appeals to you about massage therapy?
“I like helping to heal others. I had an illness, and I started treating my anxiety with Chinese medicine, and it made it easier to get through the treatments.”
What is your specialty? 
“I specialize in holistic modalities, including tui na. I also do cupping.”
Tell me about tui na.
“Tui na is massage that falls under the umbrella of ‘traditional Chinese medicine.’ Not only does it cause relaxation through muscle manipulation, but it also strengthen’s the body’s defensive chi. It helps to release blockages from the body, and it works to create harmony.”
What sort of client should try tui na? 
“It’s really great for anyone seeking relief from musculoskeletal ailments, mental ailments like anxiety and depression. It’s great for an occasional wellbeing tune-up.”
Sarah is now available to book, along with our current exceptional massage experts. Visit our website for booking info.